Honda Shadow Aero 750

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Pignose Mod

Submitted by Bryson66

This modification to your bike removes the stock license plate mount and light, replacing it with any low profile plate frame that you want to use. Note that most all States require that your license plate be illuminated. Some plate frames incorporate lights while some vendors like Kuryakyn sell bolts that have small LED’s in them. LED’s are preferred for that sort of lighting and they hold up well to the vibrations and have a long service life making for a maintenance free modification.

Once you unbolt the pignose, you'll need to modify your fender slightly. Use a dremel, file, or sharp utility knife to trim off the locating tabs on the top and bottom.

Then, you'll need to make yourself some kind of backing plate. I made mine from stainless steel flat stock, but you could also use one of the Kury chrome backing plates. Drill holes in it to fit to the two upper mounting holes of the pignose.

Clip off the quick connector from the pignose, and solder it to the wires from the Radiantz frame. (Check the polarity of the connections first. It DOES matter. Don't ask how I know this.)

Here’s two pics of Aero’s after the Pignose Mod.

This bike uses the Radiantz frame with integrated LED lighting:

This bike has the Kuryakyn frame with an added brake light:

Hope this helps!

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