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$30 Baffle on a Honda Exhaust

Submitted by funfisherman

I wanted a better sounding exhaust and I have access to equipment to modify mine. So I did a lot of looking on the web and gathered information from this site. I came up with a combination of ideas to create my own custom exhaust. I will not cover the basic disassembly and reassembly of the stock exhaust that is covered well by “streetrod 750” in the mod section.

I started with some parts I picked up at the auto parts store in the exhaust section for $30. It was a 1’3/4” small pipe a 1¾” to 2” adaptor,2”to2 ½” adaptor, and a short glasspipe/resonator that had a 3 ¼” outside diameter and 2 ¾” inside diameter. Whatever type glasspipe you get make sure the outside diameter is 3 ¼” or less or it will not fit inside the exhaust canister.

The glasspipe that I used is the type that goes on the end of a stock exhaust, usually on the shelf at autoparts stores.

I welded these parts together and capped the end. I was not sure how it would turn out so I welded a pipe bushing to the end with a ¾” plug in it so I could take it out if needed to get more volume. Now that I have installed it I think it would be ok to just cap the end with sheetmetal or maybe you could find a cap at a hardware store(A 1 ¾” freezeplug was used by “olddude” good idea wish I thought of it).I did not know what it was going to sound like so I left myself at least one option. If you take this mod on I suggest go ahead and cap the end, if you want it really loud drill more holes. I figured up the size and amount of holes needed to get the sound I wanted. I would say if you want a good sound but not loud using a 3/8” drill bit put 24 holes in it I think ideal would be 28 holes. I wanted it kind of loud so I drilled out 32 holes. But be warned I recommend earplugs with this setup it is not that loud but puts out a deep rumble that will fool you it will hurt your ears just like any other loud exhaust.

As you can see I welded the pieces together then drilled the holes in the end. After I got my stock exhaust apart and the stock baffles removed I welded the stock “can” back to the main pipes then inserted my baffle into the can. I had to use a rubber hammer to drive it in, the indent in the stock muffler that clears the suspension hit it a little which was good it helped secure the baffle. After I got it in place I took some scrap sheetmetal and welded it in any space the glasspack did not fill up. Then installed the chrome back on the muffler assembly. This picture shows the finished result. The white area is the sheetmetal I welded in to take up the empty space I used gray primer to paint it. In the picture I had the plug removed but I put it back in it was too loud.

If you have access to cut and weld metal this is a cheap way to go to get a deep sound from your Aero and keep the full length exhaust. I am very happy with this setup. Using my ideas and others from the web you can come up with your own custom exhaust,have fun experimenting and don’t forget earplugs you will thank me later when you can still hear 5 years from now.

Here is a couple of clips to hear the end result.¤t=100_0415.flv¤t=100_0416.flv¤t=100_0413.flv

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