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Honda Aero 750 Gas Tank Neck Punch

Submitted by Mr. Courtney (08/07/2007)

Complied from various forum messages. Pictures from Duke Nukem69 and CrazyVoodoo

This information is based on a modification shared among members of the Aero 750 Forum. The forum or its members take no responsibility for the outcome if you use this information in making the modification.

Warning: Gasoline produces an extremely explosive vapor. Producing a spark in an open gas tank could cause an explosion although no forum member has reported that happening to them. Then again, maybe they weren’t available to report afterwards. If you are concerned about a spark, use a brass tool to make the hole. Brass will not cause a spark.

To the matter at hand:

Part 1

The Aero 750 has a neck from the tank filler hole into the tank itself. While filling the tank with gas, air can become trapped in the tank and the fill process can be very slow while waiting for this air to vent. The Tank Punch Mod puts a small hole in the top of this neck and allows the air to escape during the fill process.

Get a Phillips screwdriver, 16 penny nail, ice pick or anything that will produce a hole if it hits the metal neck hard enough. You also need a hammer and a towel.

Place the towel over your tank to protect the paint in case of slip.

Locate the spot for the hole. If the bike is on the kick stand, the target is at the top (or highest point) of the next, about ¾ to 1 inch down from the top. (see picture).

Hold the screwdriver tip firmly on chosen spot and tap it with the hammer to "mark" it. Wiggle the screw driver around then out leaving the hole. Inspect the new "air relief passageway". You’re done with part 1.

If you are using a nail or some other punching device, hit it hard and fast and don't hesitate or falter or you might get a dent or paint damage. The object is to make a hole. Not to mention a glancing blow is most likely to cause a spark. Inspect the new "air relief passageway". You’re done with part 1.

Part 2

Look under your bike just forward of rear tire for a black canister with two large and one small hoses going to it. One large hose connects to the back and one large and one small is connected to the front. If you don’t have this can – lucky you. You’re done.

If you do have the can ‐ remove the small hose from the front of can and let hang down freely. This is the tank vent. Do not plug this hose.

DO plug the entrance to the canister where this hose was connected. You can do this in several ways. One is to cut the small hose (leaving about 2 inches) connected to the canister. Use a golf tee or something similar to plug the portion connected to the canister. The other way is pull off the small hose and then get a couple of inches of aquarium air hose. Heat one end and pinch it with pliers to seal it. Connect the other end to the canister port where you removed the original small hose. You’re done.

Do not disconnect either of the large hoses. These are vacuum from the breather and crankcase vent tubes.

This is a Tank Punch done with a regular screw driver. Sloppy looking but works.

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