Honda Shadow Aero 750

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Installing Dial-A-Jet

Submitted by Larry Abbot

I strongly suggest you get a factory manual for the bike before you do any work on it.

Remove the air cleaner cover and the air cleaner.

Disconnect the negative lead on the battery - just a safety precaution

Remove the seat and gas tank.

I strongly recommend you take pics of your bike. Note all the hoses, cables, clamps and parts for future reference.

Remove the drain screw on the carb. Gas will come out so have a rag under the carb to catch it.

Note the location of the hoses on the left side of the carb.

Remove the carb cap and the clamp behind the carb.

When you remove the cap the spring will pop out.

Put it aside and don’t lose it.

Carefully lift out the diaphragm.

Follow the instructions in the Aero manual to remove the needles.

The stock needle is at the top and the Dyno at the bottom with the washer.

Follow the instructions that comes with the Dynojet kit.

Put the needle, vacum piston and diaphragm back into the carb.

With the carb clamp loosened, gently pull the carb forward.

Make sure you don’t remove the choke cable on the backside of the carb.

Use a phillips screw driver and remove the 4 screws on the float bowl and replace them with allen bolts.

Remove the main jet. I used a socket, some use a screw driver. Change it with the main jet you plan to use from the Dial-A-Jet kit.

I also changed the pilot jet to a #55 and the air screw.

This is the slotted air screw you can get from Honda.

The stock screw on the Aero requires a D shaped tool to adjust. The tool is included with the Dynojet kit.

Using a slotted screw makes it a lot easier to adjust the air screw, something you may do a lot !

This is the Thunder Air kit mount plate.

You have to use the stock rubber boot from the air box and cut it to fit.

Using the tool provided with the Dial-A-Jet, poke a hole in the rubber boot.

Use silicone sealant on the rear of the plate.

Remove the drain screw and install the adapter provided by Dial-A-Jet.

Install the tubing from the Dial-A-Jet kit from the drain screw to the Dial-A-Jet body.

This is installed in the hole you poked in the carb boot. The hole I used was through the carb boot and the carb clamp.

Make sure the Dial-AJet body faces out so you can adjust it later.

Initally I left the Dial-A-Jet setting at 0.

After a 100 or so kms I found I was running lean so I set it at +1.

You have to read the spark plugs by doing a throttle chop. I did mine at 3rd gear, 70 kph. Have a safe spot to pull over to the side of the road, pull in the clutch lever, hit the kill switch and coast to a stop. Pull a spark plug and look at the condition of the tip. You want a nice tan or grey color. I’m using NGK DPR7EA-9 plugs.

There’s a good write up on the Dial-A-Jet at

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