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Rear Signal Relocation/Modification for Shadow 750 Aero 2004/05

Submitted by Jasmine

Here is a couple pics showing what things look like before you start.

You can get familiar with what things look like before and after the modification.

Now, here's how I removed my signals and installed new ones on the license 'plate holder/light'.

These parts are from a 2004 Honda 600 VLX.


You need to remove the seat in order to get the fender off.

After the seat is off ... Here's how to remove the fender, chrome brackets and rear light wires.

The wires are color coded and are easy to connect and disconnect.

After the fender is off... Here's how to remove the license 'plate holder/light' and brake light wires.

Now this is the tricky part.

My camera ran out of batteries during this, too, so no pics.

I have used a virtual imaging demo via Photoshop so you can picture what I did next.

Follow along with these virtual pics and instructions on the bottom of the pics.

TIP: Bring one of the signals to a hardware store and get 5 washers and a lock nut that fit, for each side.

The object is to drill two holes into the side of the 'plate holder/light'.(1)

First make a template that outlines the bottom portion of the 'plate holder/light'. (2 - 3)

You want to make sure your threaded supports on the 'new' signal clear the hole in the bracket marked by a red arrow and yellow highlight. (4)

Temporarily reassemble the bracket into the housing.

Do your best to match up the bracket hole onto the template.(5)

Once you measured out the appropriate size holes from the signal's bracket threads AND determined wear exactly the signal holes will best fit...apply them to the template.(5)

Cut or drill out the holes in your template, line up the template properly and make your hole marks on both sides of the plate holder/light. (6 - 7)

Check everything once more so everything lines up perfectly or as close as you can get.

Start drilling using a small pilot drill bit. Move up to a larger drill bit and then a larger until you. get the correct diameter as the signal's bracket threads. (8)

Replace the 'plate holder/light' brackets back inside housing and reassemble them.

The next step is to place the signal's bracket threads into the drilled holes.

Using several washers, you can clear the inside 'plate holder/light' bracket near the drilled holes and use a lock nut to secure the signals into place. ( I used 5 washers)

I would highly recommend getting a 13 mm 'rachet wrench'. Tightening the lock nut is difficult because of the lack of room in the 'plate holder/light' housing.

After the signals are mounted... Here's how to wire the signals and lay the wire under fender.

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