Honda Shadow Aero 750

Mods and How-to's

Riser Mod

Submitted by KamiSue

Take off the mirrors

Take off the clutche lever

take off the toolbag

Take all the little brackets that hold cables to the handlebars

Remove the master cylinder

Keep the master cylinder upright so we can stop later

More cable thingies

Screws out of housing by throttle

Take the throttle off

Bare nekkid handlebars

Already took one of these - bare nekkid handlebars

Cut off the welded part of the risers with a swift chopping motion and a BIG axe.

(just kidding :-) )

New risers sorta sitting in place

Start cutting off the welded part with a hacksaw. No work bench, so I just sat on the floor.

One riser gone

Both risers gone

Grind a little with a dremel

See the sparks?

More grinding - this was time consuming

Get a bigger grinder

Much more sparks - all is good!

Everything grinded off - some buggaring, but hey, I did it sitting on the floor and it doesn't show once they are installed.

Everything back together - front view

Sitting view

Side view

Rear view

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