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Aero 750 pillion seat modification: Replacement with Valkyrie pillion

Submitted by Huskermale

iThis is how to replaced the stock pillion seat on an Aero. This modification isn't really difficult. It should take you less than an hour, with a lifetime of enjoyment for your passenger!

This is the hardest part of the mod. Prepare yourself for skinned knuckles and a lot of cursing!

First, remove the bracket from the drivers seat that attaches the drivers seat and passenger seat together

Now remove the bracket from the Valkyrie seat. This is pretty easy (no Loctite!).

(1) Put the two brackets together as shown in the picture and clamp together to make it easy to mark a hole

(2). You may notice when you reassemble the two seats again, the bracket on the new Val seat is going to be reversed from its original orientation. I needed to do this to get everything to line up and have enough metal to bolt the two together.

Now, what I didn't show in the pics was I had to elongate the holes in the top bracket (elongated towards the vise-grips) to allow some adjustment for when you’re trying to get the bolt back in the fender.

(3) I used two 1/4" self-tapping bolts to hold the two brackets together. A nut and bolt will work just as well.

(4) This is how the two brackets should look once bolted together.

Ride safe and enjoy!!

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