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Installing Hotwires

Submitted by Larry Abbot

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I picked up these hotwires for $75 on sale at a nearby autoshop. For some reason a customer ordered them for an Aero 1100. They normally sell for $149. There are 2 long and 2 short wires. The ends of these new wires use resistor caps that you have to screw on each spark plug - don’t forget them. It’s also a good time to change the spark plugs.

After removing the seat and fuel tank you’re down to the bare body of the Aero.

The rear cylinder ignition coil is located on the right side of the bike and held in place by two 10mm bolts. Loosen the bolts and slide the coil out from the frame and unscrew the plastic nut that holds the coil wire in place. Note the plastic nut and a metal “o” ring and a rubber grommet. Also note the way they slide on the wire.

Once the nut is unscrewed the coil wire will slide out of the ignition coil. Honda uses a pushon system. If you look inside the coil you’ll see a metal stud that accepts the coil wire. Slide the new hotwire onto each stud on the coil. NOTE: Use the one long hotwire for the left-side cyl head and the short hotwire for the right-side cyl head.

Hotwires have a separate ground cable for each wire and must be grounded to the bike. I ground the rear wires to the ignition switch mount, where I also grounded the air horn and lightbar.

The front cylinder ignition coil is on the left side-front of the bike. Use the same procedures and remember to ground the hotwires. I use the coil mount and a carb mount for ground.

Left side of bike.

Once its all done, double check your connections. I strongly suggest you test the wires before putting everything back on the bike. You can do a dry test by holding using a spark plug on each wire, grounded to the bike and look for spark as you turn the engine over or use a portable fuel supply, which I use. I have a small lawnmower tank fed to the carb intake and the vacum line is plugged. I can tell by the sound of the engine if the coils are working properly or as the bike is running. Pull an ignition wire off and the sound will change as it’s only running on 3 spark plugs.

Profire claims an increase in spark density and quality but I haven’t done a long term test, I like the red wires as they match the paint job on my bike!!

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