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Saddle Bag Brackets

Submitted by Bryson

This method allows for the saddle bags to be mounted directly to the rear fender rails. No offset is required, like with EasyBrackets, or Ghost Brackets.

WARNING: The dimensions on the pictures below apply ONLY to the Willie and Max saddle bags used by the author. Dimensions will vary depending on the brand and model of saddle bags used.

  1. Using the saddle bag as a guide, trace a template on cardboard or heavy tracing paper. Take your time with the template. (It's far easier to make mistakes with the cardboard than it is on your saddle bags.)
  2. Hold the template up to the rear fender rails to determine the appropriate mounting location. Make sure that the saddle bags will clear both the exhaust pipes, and the rear shocks. If you ride with a passenger, make sure the bags will interfere with the passenger's foot and leg position. Check with your saddlebag manufacturer for recommended clearances.
  3. Mark the locations of the mounting bolts for the rear fender rail. Use at least two of the mounting bolts. (Depending on your preference of location, you may use only the front two, or only the rear two.)
  4. Transfer the template to appropriate sheet metal. (Preferably at least .036" thick.)
  5. Cut the template using a jig saw with metal cutting blade, tin snips, or whatever methods you have available.
  6. Cut a second piece of sheet metal, slightly smaller than the first one. This will be the inner support bracket. It will fit inside the bag when mounted. (Note: For my purpose, only the center mounting bolt is used to support the bag. The "keyhole" shape allows the bag to be removed without completely removing the mounting bolt. I can loosen the bolt a few turns, and lift the bag off the bike for cleaning. The outer mounting bracket is slotted to allow for it to be removed in the same way.
  7. Paint the brackets to prevent rust. (Or use stainless steel, if available.
  8. Mount the support bracket to the rear fender rail. (You may choose to make a gasket from heavy felt or rubber to prevent the bracket from scratching the fender rail.) I made a rubber "gasket" from an old inner tube.
  9. Note: You may need to purchase longer bolts depending on the thickness of the metal you use and/or the thickness of the bag that you intend to mount. (I had to buy bolts for the center position, but used the stock bolts for the front and rear positions.)
  10. Make the necessary holes in your saddle bags for the mounting bolts to pass through. Make the holes as small as possible to avoid water entering the bags. (I chose to make mine larger, to allow for quicker removal.) If you're using throw over bags, you can remove the center yoke now. It's no longer needed.
  11. Insert the inner plate into the bag, secure both plates, mount the bags, and check for proper clearances.
  12. Securely tighten all bolts.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any holes drilled in saddle bags. Remember, measure twice, cut once.

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