Honda Shadow Aero 750

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Flush mounted Gas cap

Submitted by Larry Abbot

I purchased the kit from Looney Custom Seats for $67, it's made for the Ace but will fit the Aero. ( ).

I always disliked the bulky stock gas cap.

The kit comes with JB Weld, the screw in cap and the cap mount.

First thing is to remove the old gas cap, and dry fit the flush mount ring.

Make sure it fits and not too tight. This one went in snug. Remove it and prepare the JB Weld to press fit it into place.

I put a thick bead of JB Weld on the underside of the mount cap. I let it set for a few minutes then pushed it into the tank. Make sure you don't twist or move it, just make sure its all the way in the tank. I also looked for any leakage onto the paint (god forbid) and put the screw in cap in place (turns right to loosen/left to tighten).

Since its mid winter and my garage is cool I put a work light on the tank to help the JB weld cure.

The cap looks nice and is flush with the tanks surface, better looking then the bulky stock gas cap.

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