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VTX Rim Mod: Run a 200/70/15 on Aero 750

Submitted by TwoWheeled Vagabond

I did this mod because I wanted a fatter tire on the back of the bike, but didn’t want to cut and re-weld the swing arm for a larger tire than a 200. Plus it’s to expense to get custom rims for our aero.

(disclaimer) I have a 9in steel rear fender, but with some grinding of the sub frame this mod works on the shaft drive spirits, so it should work on a standard Aero rear fender also. Any and all use of this knowledge is at you own discretion.

Parts Lists:

  1. Rim Hoop from VTX 1300 or 1800 (VTX rim is 4.5 inches wide, Aero rim is 3.5)
  2. Stock Aero rear hub
  3. 200/70/15 tire (Metzler 880)
  4. New tube (Metzler)

How to do the Mod:

  1. Gather all your parts
  2. Disassembly

  3. Remove stock rear wheel from Aero
  4. Let air out of tire tube
  5. Remove tire form rim
  6. Remove tube from rim
  7. Remove giant rubber band from rim
  8. Unlace hub from rim (I didn’t remove the spokes from the hub)


  1. Set hub assembly with spoke still in hub into VTX rim
  2. Relace Rim
  3. True rim (If you can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing this take it to someone to do. I took mine to a local speed shop and he charged me $40 to true the rim, and mount and balance the new tire. This was well worth it for me peace of mind is everything)
  4. Reinstall tire back on bike. (If you have the stock rear fender you will have to take a grinder before hand and grind on the fender’s sub frame to get clearance needed for the tire. My best advice would be to grind some tend test fist the tire to see if it rubs anywhere, and if it does pull it back out and grind some more.)
  5. Enjoy your new tire.

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