Honda Shadow Aero 750

Mods and How-to's

Installing Wheel Spikes,(becuase we are cool like that)

Submitted by Larry Abbot

Originally I had chrome bullets installed on each fork leg.

But the chrome hub cover wouldn't work with the bullets, so I bought the spikes from Working Class Choppers.


With the wheel spikes is a threaded rod which is too long, so I shortend it with a hacksaw.

I left 1 inch of rod on each fork leg. I then wrapped electrical tape on each end. The rod fits loose inside the front axle but won't move when tightened down. I add the tape as an extra measure but it's not necessary.

When I tightend the spikes the tape went inside the axle. I used blue loctite on each spike.

The finished product

Now when a cage gets too close I can spike em !!!

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