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Mapam Forward Controls with Cobra Bar

Submitted by AeroMan

For those that are interested in installing the Cobra highway bar, with the Mapam forward controls, it’s a fairly simple mod. If you are already using the Cobra bar, or the Mapam forward controls and want to use them both together, it can be done.

There is just one small draw back to be aware of: After you have done this mod be careful when applying your foot brake that you don't accidentally push your foot on the Cobra highway bar thinking that it is the brake foot pedal. When applying the foot brake it passes next to the side of the Cobra bar without touching it and there's a chance that the tip of your shoe could hit the Cobra highway bar causing you to not be able to depress the brake pedal completely down in a panic stop. This has never happened to me, but there's always a possibility. This is probably the reason why they don't recommend using both the Cobra highway bar and the Mapam forward controls together. It might be considered a liability on their behalf.

Please take this into consideration before doing this mod.

Anyhow - to do this mod all you need to do is cut out a small portion of the round spacer that comes with the Mapam forward control hardware package on the foot shifter side only. First mount the Cobra highway bar to the top where it is instructed to be mounted at, but don’t tighten up on the bolts, just let it hang free there. Then push the bottom of it in gently until it touches the round spacer that is supplied with the forward controls (if the forward controls are already mounted). At this point you will notice where the mounting ear on the Cobra bar touches up against the round spacer that I was referring to. Now put a mark or scribe it on the spacers both sides, remove the spacer, cut out the portion that you marked or scribed, and reassemble, paying special attention to making sure that all the mounting bolts are properly tightened up on the top and bottom of the Cobra highway bar, and all bolts are tightened up on the Mapam forward control assembly.

Now it's ready for a test drive. Drive slowly until you get the feel of it. Ride safe and enjoy.

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