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05 Shadow Aero 750 Exhaust Baffle Removal

Submitted by Streetrod750

Items Needed:

You can check out a clip of how the exhaust will sound at

Stock Exhaust

End of baffle

Backside of exhaust

Spot welds that need to be drilled & cut with cut off wheel

Drill the 2 spot welds,one on top and one on bottom to remove the rear cover

Drill these 2 out & then the other side to remove the front cover

Once you have drill the spots welds out you may need to gently pry the tabs loose

You may want to wrap the front pieces to protect them when moving the exhaust around

Another view of wrapping the exhaust

Front cover removed

Rear cover removed

Cut these 2 loose

Cut these 2 loose and you then should be able to slide the big cover off

Once the cover is off you can then start drilling the spot welds the hold the baffle to the case. There should be 8 total spot welds

Don’t be afraid of using a little bit bigger drill bit because it will make it a little easier to get off. But the more you remove the more you have to weld back up.

Once you get the holes drilled you then need to cut the end cap. I used a bandsaw and it worked great. Cut as close as you can to the back of the weld on the end cap.

After you get the end cap removed, you then have to cut the front half off. Make sure to mark the 2 pieces so that you can line it back up easier when reassembling. I cut in front of the weld but if you do this then it leaves a tapered down edge and can catch the baffle if you try and slide it out the front. So it would be easier to go out the back.

A look inside.

I started with a little piece of square tube for a ram and beat it with a hammer.

If you have problems with the baffle catching you can the inside caps with a sawzall or torch to make it a little easier to remove.

Once you have it out, reassemble in reverse order. I used a splatter blanket to cover the shiny pieces during welding. Make sure the tube and front pipe line back up. Tack back in place, check it again and the finish up. Spot weld up all the holes you drilled and grind them down.

Once done spray a little black paint over the welds to keep from rusting.

You’re done.

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