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Custom Speedometer installation Spirit/Aero

Submitted by Darkshadow

This mod and instruction was performed and made by one of our customers Jason L. This information is for general purposes and information only. is in NO way liable for any damage arising from use of these instructions.

NOTE: The speedometer is a very delicate and extremely crucial part of your motorcycle. This custom installation is for informational purposes only. This is a customization I (Jason L.) have performed on my motorcycle. If you are not comfortable doing this kind of customization, a qualified motorcycle mechanic can easily do this for you. also performs this mod for a price. Please contact them for pricing. You will need to read and sign the Release of Liability Waiver and send that in with your speedo if you have them perform the mod.

For this customization you’ll need a sturdy table a small Phillips screwdriver, a good flat sharp razor blade, a regular flat screwdriver, and a kitchen fork.

You do not have to remove the tank for this installation. Just take the two button head Allen bolts out of the chrome speedometer housing on the gas tank. There are only two sets of wires running into the speedometer. One has a protective covering around them and a rubber grommet covering the connector. The other set of wires should be two green wires running to the trip reset. Use a flat screwdriver to unplug the connector, and unscrew the Phillips screw holding the plastic coated bracket that holds this main set of wires. This will free up the speedometer housing from the gas tank so you can take it to a table or bench to work on.

Now, there is only one Phillips screw holding the speedometer in the chrome housing. Take it that out.

There are 2 green wires inside the housing connected to the trip-reset button on the side of the chrome housing. Mark these wires so they don’t get mixed up when putting them back together. Unscrew the two Phillips screws that hold these wires in place. This will finally allow you to remove the speedometer completely from the big chrome housing.

Take the black rubber gasket off from around the speedometer.

DO NOT REMOVE THE 3 PHILLIP SCREWS ON THE BACK OF THE SPEEDOMETER. This will unscrew the circuit board and the main components inside the speedometer, and possibly damage it. Just leave those 3 screws alone. They won’t make your customization any easier if they are removed.

This is the hard part. Turn the speedometer face down on a soft towel on a sturdy table, bench, etc. I used a regular flat screwdriver to do this step. There is a chrome metal ring holding the glass on the speedometer. It is factory sealed. On the bottom side of this ring start prying with a flat screwdriver under the bottom lip of the metal ring. This will be a slow process (patience, patience, patience) so don’t get in a hurry and ruin the wife’s kitchen table like I did.

Go around the metal ring with a flat screwdriver prying it up as straight as you can. It’s easier doing this every millimeter or two. I had to do this about 3 times all the way around the ring. After you pry the lip of the ring up all the way around enough to loosen it up considerably, gently pull the ring off of the speedometer. The glass should come off with it. Put the glass with the chrome ring aside for later. You might want to use a soft lint free towel to rest it on.

DO NOT TOUCH THE UNDERSIDE OF GLASS OR WIPE IT OFF. I can’t stress that enough! Lay the ring with the glass in it in a place where it won’t be disturbed or get dirty. This is where the critical stuff starts.

Pick up the end of the needle gently over the plastic peg holding it at zero mph and let it move down by itself until it stops. You will want to mark where the end of the needle is on the outside of the speedometer. IF YOU DON’T DO THIS YOUR SPEEDOMETER WILL NOT READ YOUR SPEED CORRECTLY AND IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO RECALLIBRATE.

After you mark where the needle stops use a kitchen fork to pry the needle straight up and off of the speedometer. It will take a little pressure but don’t just pop it off either. Place it on the side for later. Now you can remove the two small Phillips screws holding the speedometer dial on. Take the dial out of the speedometer.

At zero mph there is a little peg you will need to remove. Flip the stock dial over while holding it firmly and carefully poke the peg out of the factory dial. You will need to install this peg on your new custom speedometer dial in the tiny hole beside zero mph. I used a dab of superglue on the underside of the dial to ensure the peg does not come out during riding. Just use a DAB.

On the factory speedometer dial on the underside around the odometer-reading window you will see a black felt rectangular ring. This next part is optional and does not have to be done if you don’t want to. Take a good sharp flat razorblade and try to cut this off in one piece so you can put it on the custom dial. I used cut pieces of 2-sided tape. This piece insulates the LCD screen on the speedometer from the vibration of the dial.

Now you can place the dial in the speedometer and use the two screws to hold it in place. Then place the needle in the same position as when you took it off and push it firmly on. Once on turn it clockwise so you can place the end of the needle over the peg at zero mph. It should rest on the needle stop peg. Now you’re almost ready to put the glass back on the speedometer. We suggest that you wait and zero your dial in before putting the glass ring back on. If you didn’t do it right the first time you will have to take the ring back off again so we suggest plugging your dial back in your bike, zero out your dial and then put your glass ring back on. This will save you time, trust me.

Once you get it back on and have it zeroed out you can then start to bend the lip of the metal ring back down. I used a thick flat screwdriver to push the lip over and down. Don’t beat it down. You want to try to get the lip pushed down as nice as possible. It’s not going to look like it did before you started but if you push the lip over and down pretty good you won’t even notice it has ever has been taken apart.

Once you get this done you can replace the rubber ring that goes around the speedometer and put the speedometer back inside the chrome housing. Reconnect the two green wires that hook up the trip reset. Now take one of the Phillips screws and screw it in the right hole on the chrome housing. This will hold the speedometer in the chrome housing. Now take it all to the bike and hook up the main set of wires to the speedometer and coil the wire up in the housing so you can put the plastic coated bracket back on and this finishes securing the speedometer to the chrome housing. Now make sure the tab with the rubber bushing on the top front of the tank is slid correctly back into the chrome speedometer housing, and finally put the button head Allen bolts back in the chrome housing securing the whole thing to the tank. You’re done!

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