Honda Shadow Aero 750

Mods and How-to's

Build Your Own Lowers

Submitted by TLH1001

Being a frugal guy, I decided to build my own.

I went to Lowes, and picked up:

Then to a marine supply shop for:

On to the local plastics shop for:

The hardware cost $20, and the Lexan was free, out of the scrap bin.

Just cut the angle, drill some holes and make a couple of slots for the clamps. I used a 5/32 drill and make 6 holes side by side. Punch out the excess to make the slot.

Finally, use a small jewlers file to smooth out the slot.Cut the Lexan with a scroll saw with speed set in about the mid-range to prevent any heat build up.

Drill 3 equally spaced 3/16” holes for the #10 hardware. Finally put some thin foam strip on the angle to prevent any damage to the fork tubes. You’re done.

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