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Dressing up your Aero Brake Pedal

Submitted by Courtney Harrington with thanks to L4H

I admired a picture of L4H’s bike and asked him about his brake pedal. His response led to this great mod. I never really liked the stock brake pedal. It’s too small and looks like something Honda designed to save a little money.

Go to and get the Brake Pedal Cover for the Yamaha Road Star 1600/1700 part number 8858. Meancycles probably has it too.

This is a clamshell cover that will fit over your existing brake pad - with just a little modification.

The pad comes with double-sticky tape. Discard it since it won’t stick well to the knobby surface of the Aero brake pedal.

Sorry, no pictures:

Open the clampshell and look at the inside of the pedal cover. There’s some ribs that run from the side to the cover face. You’ll need to use a Dremel or grinder to cut a few of them back so the Honda pedal will fit flush to the front (or rubber facing) side of the pedal cover. This is really minor work. Test the fit a couple of times to determine when you have done enough grinding. When you got it where you want it, slap a whole lot of Gorilla Glue (or similar) on the face of the Honda Brake pedal.

Place the pedal cover over the pedal, adjust into position and tighten the 4 screws that close and hold the pedal cover. Let it sit for 24 hours and you’re done.

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