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Inexpensive Handlebar Mount for IPod/Device

Submitted by Phuuque (06/13/2011)

I needed to mount my IPod to my handlebars and did not want to splurge on the RAM mount, so I came up with the following inexpensive solution.

I used a piece of plexiglass (1/8 inch?) from a broken bird feeder, Industrial Strength Velcro, a ¾ inch O.D. PVC pipe clamp, rubber washers, and stainless steel nuts/bolts.

The first photo is the installed mount covered with Velcro.

The next photo is the back of the mount to show how it is attached.

I cut the plexiglass to the size of the IPod using a band saw. I sanded the edges of the plexiglass smooth and rounded the corners with fine sand paper.

Then I drilled and countersunk the holes to match the holes in the pipe clamp. I used a ¾ inch pipe clamp for the 1 inch bars since it was tight enough to hold the mount securely.

You could use a 1 inch clamp, but you would probably need to use some weather stripping to keep it tight. Then I mounted the plexiglass to the handlebar using stainless steel nuts and bolts with some rubber washers to fill any gaps. Then the Velcro went on to mount the device.

So far, the mount has held up. If the plexiglass breaks, I will probably go to a thicker

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