Honda Shadow Aero 750


This website was created and is maintained by the membership of the Aero 750 Forum on Delphi with the intent of archiving and cataloging the ever growing collective knowledge of the forum members and to serve as resource for all owners of the Honda Shadow Aero 750.

Anyone who owns or is contemplating owning an Aero 750 is welcome to participate. The forum can be found at

The Aero 750 forum grew out of its sister forum, the All Aero Forum after the introduction of Honda's Shadow Aero 750 in 2004. Captain Ron and The Taminator, moderators on the All Aero Forum, created the Aero 750 Forum to give owners of our bike's a place to discuss modifications and maintenance issues, as well as a place for general camaraderie and occasional mayhem. The Forum is hosted by JP and has grown to include a membership ranging from young adults contemplating the purchase of their first bike to fifty year old gearheads to seventy year old riders who've owned more bikes than most will ever ride.

Subject matter on the Forum ranges from discussions of last weekend's ride to how to diagnose a lean misfire, as well as a "Miscellaneous Babble" file for reporting UFO sightings, venting on virtually any subject or just howling at the moon in general.

Lastly, this site is ad-supported. Yeah, we all hate advertisements, but these ads go to pay for the costs of hosting the site, owning the domain name, and if and when there's enough extras, actually go towards helping pay for some extras when forum members congregate (especially if they congregate with the webmaster, who lives in Denver!). So click on those ads, folks! Might earn you a beer if we ever meet up and it keeps this page up and running.

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